190 miles.. hopefully not many more.

This is a quick email to those signed up to the Northern Traverse. A few of you have emailed us asking for the GPX file for the route. We use to have this up on our site but with so many people walking this route many used this file and when they didn’t know how to use their watch or upload it to a garmin they came to us for help – with some getting quite angry. So we took it down.


To be clear we can’t support or advise how to upload / view this file – we know it works.. but it may well not work on your device.. that is for you to sort out not us. Some software limits the number of waypoints it can upload so will refuse this file – its 190 miles! that does not mean there is a problem with the file..

This route is also subject to change.. in particular around the A1 – this route file has a diversion that may not exist now (like the bridge over the A1 is not there!) we will update this nearer the time.

In the month prior to the event we will also send you printed copies of the maps – its your choice if you use them. We won’t be sending them any earlier not least because the route may change (as it did on the last edition).

Hope the training is going well and look forward to seeing you all on the start line.

James and team at Open Adventure.