Briefing and entries

Hi all – hope you had a Happy New Year.

Lakes Traverse and Northern Traverse will be here soon and we are seeing questions come in about logistics and the route. As with 2016 the plan is to have a couple of Webinars. It will give us a chance to go over the event, changes from 2016 and for those interested a bit more detail on the route.

As people are getting out and recce the route I’d thought it be good to do the 1st podcast on the evening of Thursday 1st February. Price goes up at the end of January so we may get a few more people wanting to listen in. It will start at 7.30 and last around an hour.. judging by past experience about 45 mins of me and 15 mins of questions.

As we will mix the briefing with Lakes Traverse attendees – I’ll try and split it so if they don’t want to listen to details on the Dales / Moors they will have a chance to ask a few questions after the Lakes section and sign off.

If you can’t do that date – no worries, we will send out a link to a copy of the webinar on Youtube the day after. I will send out details on how to join the webinar later this month.

Route Files

These are the route files for the 2016 event in the next few months we will change these as needed. We won’t be releasing a weekly version! Experience tells us things will crop up (not least rebuilding the A1) and we will have to make changes right up to a few weeks before. However this version is around 98% right.

Note we are not posting these files on our webpage – last time I got a stack of emails asking for allsorts of support from people walking the route or running it and not wanting to pay the entry fee for the Northern Traverse… umm. We are also not GPS experts or can off ANY advice on how to load this file on to your device. We know the files work, if the file does not work on your device this is not our problem it is yours. If you have a device question suggest you try our facebook group.

There are 2 know route issues with regards to these files they only affect the Northern Traverse.

  1. I suspect our diversion around the A1 for the 2016 event is now not needed and its quite likely the bridge over the A1 we used then is no more.
  2. We are keen to look at the route from Bolton-on-Swale and Danby Wiske. The route in this file goes along a busy ‘B’ road whereas other versions of the C2C go via Streelam. I need to look at this again and will hopefully have a response for the Webinar.

To highlight the use of a GPS is not mandatory on this event. We will be sending a copy of the paper maps for the route in the post prior to the event.


Sadly the room we used for briefing at Seacote hotel is not available so we will be using a school hall not far away. Will confirm details soon. BUT just to let you know if you are after accomodation, the Seacote Hotel has rooms available on that Friday night for £60 twin. With breakfast at 7.00am. You will need to book sooner rather than later.

Finally just to highlight the price does go up at the end of January so if you know of anyone dithering, feel free to give them a kick.

Keep well everyone.

James and the team at Open Adventure.