April update

Hi all quick update

Somewhere it appears I may have said that I hope to get maps out 2 months before the event. I have to confess that was a mistake! Whilst I am keen to get them out in good time before the event, I know that there are a few route issues and I’m keen to see them sorted before we print maps. My experience of communicating map corrections just before the start of an event is not great – peoples heads are on other things! So expect them no later than 2 weeks before the event. If the A1 issue gets sorted before then will see if I can get them out earlier.

A few people have been badgering me for details on the checkpoints. Note I’m not supply post codes – you should not be using your car sat nav on this event. Note details about specific food available at each checkpoint will be published the month before the event, no need to contact us yet about dietry requirements.

  • Start – St Bees on grass by the beach.
  • Rosthwaite Institute NY257148 light food / hot drinks
  • Patterdale – George Starkey Hut NY394160 hot food / drinks. Camping only for NT participants
  • Shap – Memorial Hall NY563150 Finish for Lakes Traverse – hot food / drinks
  • Kirby Stephen – Rugby Club NY770084 – hot food / camping
  • Reeth – Dales Cycle Centre (optional!) SE046988 – during opening hours, free hot drink. Outside hours kettle available – To be Confirmed!
  • Richmond – Rugby Club NZ178005 – hot food / drinks and camping
  • Lord Stones Cafe NZ524030 – free hot drink during opening hours – this is to be confirmed!! definately locked up no facilities or shelter outside of opening hours.
  • Lion Inn SE678997 – hot food / drinks / camping (during opening hours, food provided by pub subject to a limit no steaks!!)
  • Robin Hoods Bay FINISH NZ953048 – if chippy open will provide a bag of chips :-) otherwise back up to the hall.

Robin Hoods Bay Fylyingdales hall NZ949054 – kit hall, hot food provided 24hrs. Space to sleep if arriving late. Note no showers.
GPX files – OK this is the link to the current GPX file here, BUT this WILL change before the event. Its near impossible to pin this route down with 2 known path diversions along the route as of today. Please note that we can not support people who are having finger trouble trying to upload to their GPS device (to be honest I’m a paper map man – I know I’m a bit of a geek, but real maps are my thing so I really am not the person to ask). The route file on the map here has also been updated http://www.northerntraverse.com/route/

For Northern Traverse participants – assuming the path under the A1 is opened before the event we will use this rather than the diversion around. There has been a change to the route from Bolton Le Swale to Danby Wiske avoiding the busy B road. We are currently checking the pathless section after Littlebeck woods to Hawkser as there have been diversions in the past. If recceing at the moment please take a snorkle, get a photo and let us know how you got on.

OK messy stuff at this late stage we don’t offer refunds or transfers – please do check http://www.northerntraverse.com/terms-and-conditions/

If you have not found it the Northern Traverse / Lakes Traverse is the place to go for questions on kit and to find out how others are getting ready for the event. https://www.facebook.com/groups/northerntraverse/

ONLY if you are from overseas and on the Northern Traverse – if you need to get anything delivered to our office no problem. Few discount shops around that sell cheap sleeping bags / roll mats / duffle bags – eg. Decathlon or Millets. Please mark reference clearly with your name and let us know. If struggling let us know and we will see if we can help.

Look forward to seeing you in May

James and the team at Open Adventure.