2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s report

by Shane Ohly, Event Director

Please note: if you would like to get a fully rounded perspective to the SILVA Northern Traverse, you’ll also need to read the SILVA Lakes Traverse Event Director’s Report.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportParticipants race off from the start line in St Bees © No Limits Photography


My recce of the SILVA Northern Traverse

For the Lake District portion of my recce, look at the SILVA Lakes Traverse Event Director’s Report.

Once we had finalised the deal to organise the 2022 edition of the Northern Traverse, the very first thing I did the following week was walk the route between Shap and Robin Hood’s Bay with my wife Heather. We didn’t have sufficient free time to complete the whole route, so settled on doing the Shap through to Robin Hood’s Bay section, as I already knew the Lake District section well.

The coldest temperature in the UK (-10°C) was recorded in Shap that morning as we set off across a very snowy and wintry landscape!

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s report

The first recce in the snow, November 2021


We took a much more leisurely approach than participants in the Northern Traverse, opting to stay in accommodation each night and get a meal in a local pub. It was a really wonderful week of walking and exploring sections of Yorkshire that were unfamiliar to us.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportNine Standards Rigg is beautiful in the daylight © No Limits Photography


Observations during the event

Now let’s fast forward over the next 3 months, when the Ourea Events team and I excitedly prepared for our first Northern Traverse race. The handover from James and his team at Open Adventure was faultless, but nothing beats the experience of organising the event for yourself. We have all been acutely aware of some uncertainties in our own planning, and conscious of the unknowns lying ahead of us.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportThe mines of the Yorkshires Dales are a dramatic backdrop for a race © No Limits Photography


The importance of mandatory kit

After a fantastic start to the event in the Lake District, with relatively stable weather, the weather turned wild as the Northern Traverse runners ventured further east on Sunday evening. For the runners caught on the high ground of Nine Standards Rigg, they experienced rough conditions with poor visibility, strong buffeting winds, that made progress arduous, and rain showers. Many participants were extremely cold when they arrived at Support Points, and the event staff and media deployed on the course witnessed this first-hand.

From a race management point of view, this was all within acceptable limits, but it does emphasise the importance of the participants being properly equipped. It shows how important our mandatory kit list is, and participants should understand that the mandatory kit list is the absolute minimum recommended clothing and equipment – with weather conditions as unstable as they are this time of year, extra clothing and equipment is often advisable.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportGreat to see participants smiling even in the tough conditions © No Limits Photography


The wind posed some challenges

The strong winds throughout the event were also a continuous challenge for us as the organisers. One extreme gust blew a blue tent away at the Richmond Support Point and it ended up wrapped around a neighbouring house. Fortunately, there was no damage or injuries, but it does highlight the risk wind poses to a temporary event campsite.  It is only the second time in a decade of organising events, that any item has taken off, and this will prompt another review of our own internal process and procedures.

As you all know, the Lion Inn Support Point is located at an extremely exposed position on Blakey Ridge, and we planned accordingly pre-event. However, on Tuesday afternoon, the deteriorating weather forecast prompted us to enact our contingency plan to take down the majority of the temporary structures and move all the sleeping, catering and administration into a corral of Enterprise Hire vans. This was far from ideal for both participants and the event crew and we will be reviewing the viability of the Lion Inn Support Point for future editions.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportThe weather was wild in the North York Moors © No Limits Photography


Sleeping and catering

This leads me to one of the clear observations I have made during the event, and that is to review the provision of sleeping throughout the event. This includes how, where and when participants sleep at support points. The same goes for making sure the event team have good sleeping provisions. Certainly, we hope to improve the experience for everyone who does choose to sleep at the support points.

Providing the full range of catering options at the Lion Inn become impossible as the Support Point shrunk into the vans. I am also aware of other occasions when the full menu wasn’t available to everyone. Despite the GPS Tracking, it is very challenging to predict the numbers and timing of the runners arriving at each Support Point. Preparing the right quantity of food at the right time, and working within the rota of event staff is tricky on an event like this. There are some learning points for us, and we know how to improve here next year.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportOur wonderful event team building tents in Kirkby Stephen © No Limits Photography


Traverse Mail

There were almost 2000 Traverse Mail messages sent to participants during the race. It was great to see people receiving these encouraging messages from friends and family, and they definitely gave our runners the courage and motivation they needed to push on.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportNearing the finish in Robin Hood’s Bay © No Limits Photography


Event team

As always, I am hugely grateful to the event team. The full list of people I would like to thank is here, but it goes without saying, that without the hard work and commitment of these wonderful people, running an event like this would not be possible. There were some tough conditions at some of the support points, but the team did an amazing job, working day and night to support our runners, and I am hugely appreciative.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportOur awesome event team at the Lion Inn © No Limits Photography


My highlights from the SILVA Northern Traverse

Between the shifts working in race control, I’ve chatted with many participants. First at St Bees, later at Shap and then in Robin Hood’s Bay – both at the seaside finish line and the event centre at Fylingdales Village Hall. It is absolutely clear to me that runners have had an extraordinary adventure whilst overloading on type II fun. Perfect… that is just the kind of event I like to organise! Some of the blog posts on this event really highlight some of the incredible stories coming out of this event.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportPicking up pebbles in St Bees to take to Robin Hood’s Bay © No Limits Photography

There’s been such a high calibre of running this year with records not only being broken, but being smashed by some quite considerable margins. It was brilliant following Kim on his run across the country, even if it did keep the event team on their toes trying to stay head of him. Welcoming him into Robin Hood’s Bay early in the morning on Monday was a magical moment. Seeing Lisa Watson’s incredible run was also a definite highlight. Watching her sprinting to the finish having maintained her impressive lead will be a memorable moment for all of us who witnessed it.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportLisa Watson had an impressive run © No Limits Photography

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportKim Collison at the end of his tremendous run © No Limits Photography

Seeing final finisher, Nicholas Powell, arrive in Robin Hood’s Bay and throw his pebble that he’d brought all the way from St Bees was no less of a special moment. Whether you’re back of the pack or first finisher, it’s no less of an achievement, and it was truly inspiring to see the determination and resilience on display.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportFinal finisher, Nicholas Powell, makes it into the finish © No Limits Photography

However, for me, the real highlight of these kind of events is the camaraderie that develops amongst the participants. Seeing runners help each other through the highs and the lows, seeing lifelong friendships develop… these are the things that really make events like these special, and it’s a real privilege to have been a part of this.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportIt’s been a joy to see people forging such strong connections © No Limits Photography


A final note

Our Mission Statement as a business is to, “To create world-class events that inspire participants to take on challenging and life-affirming adventures”. The SILVA Northern Traverse certainly lives up to these lofty aspirations and the satisfied smiles, sense of achievement and weary looks of contentment from our 2022 participants is testament to this.

2022 SILVA Northern Traverse – Event Director’s reportWe look forward to another coast to coast adventure next year © No Limits Photography



The results for the SILVA Northern Traverse are now live here.


Event coverage

You can view some of our event photos here and here. In time, we will also add a gallery to the website with all the event photos, so keep an eye out for that.

Our awesome film team are just putting the finishing touches on an excellent video of the event – you can look forward to this being added here and shared on social media soon.

You can also find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram if you’d like to catch up with everything that was posted during the event. There were also blog posts covering the event which you can find under the updates tab on our website here.



We would really love to hear your feedback on this event. If you have any comments you’d like to make, we would really encourage you to use the form here. If there’s anything specific you’d like to tell us about, or if there’s anything you think we can do better, please do email us at hello@northerntraverse.com. We’ve already made pages of notes after our first time organising this event, and we will keenly look through every single last word of feedback we receive from you.


Keen to come back next year?

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Maybe you have unfinished business or a friend you’d like to recommend or share the experience with? Either way, you can sign up for next year here.


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