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We want to make this the best ultra you have ever done. We can’t take credit for the route, this is down to Alfred Wainwright – but he got it right, which is why it is Britain’s most popular long distance path.


Key timings (all subject to change)

SILVA Northern Traverse

Friday 31st March 2023

  • 14:15-15:15 – (optional) park and ride car parking open – Robin Hood’s Bay
  • 15:30 – (optional) park and ride coach departs – Robin Hood’s Bay
  • 19:40-21:00registration option 1 – St Bees school
  • 20:00 – (optional) park and ride coach arrives – St Bees

Saturday 1st April 2023

  • 08:20-09:20 – registration option 2 – St Bees school
  • 08:30-09:30 – bag drop (5kg finish bag + 15kg drop bag) – St Bees school
  • 09:35 – mandatory briefing – St Bees school
  • 10:30 – START – St Bees foreshore
    • Wainwright recommends that walkers dip their booted feet in the Irish Sea at St Bees (and, at the end of the walk, in the North Sea at Robin Hood’s Bay) – we will aim to facilitate this!

Thursday 6th April 2023

  • 01:30 – course closes – Robin Hood’s Bay
  • 10:00 – (optional) park and ride car park closes


SILVA Lakes Traverse

Friday 31st March 2023

  • 18:00-19:30 – registration option 1 – St Bees school

Saturday 1st April 2023

  • 03:45-04:45 – (optional) park and ride car park open – Shap
  • 05:00 – (optional) park and ride coach departs – Shap
  • 06:45 – (optional) park and ride coach arrives – St Bees
  • 06:45-08:15 – registration option 2 – St Bees school
  • 06:55-08:25 – bag drop (5kg finish bag) – St Bees school
  • 08:30 – mandatory briefing – St Bees school
  • 09:30 START – St Bees foreshore

Sunday 2nd April 2023

  • 14:00course closes – Shap
  • 17:00 – (optional) park and ride car park closes


Key locations

St Bees School: Wood Lane, St Bees, Saint Bees CA27 0DS

Useful information: the school is a 10 minute walk from the race start.

SILVA Lakes Traverse – Shap park and ride car park and collection point: in Shap Village (exact field to be communicated 1 week prior to event). The coach will collect you at the time stated above from outside Shap Memorial Hall (i.e. the finish venue).

SILVA Northern Traverse – Robin Hood’s Bay park and ride and collection point: in or close to Robin Hood’s Bay area – further details to follow.

Useful information: cars and camper vans are acceptable. No caravans permitted. Sleeping in your vehicle is ok as long as within the permitted open hours (see timings above).


How to get to the start?

1. Our recommended solution

We strongly recommend booking onto our newly arranged ‘park and ride’ option. This will allow you to park at your respective race’s finish venue and be transported to the start in St Bees (arriving in good time for registration – see times above). This provision has limited capacity and requires booking in advance (deadline Sunday 12th March) for a nominal fee.

We will be in touch when you can reserve a park and ride (or parking only, or coach only) space.


Participants are also welcome to make their own arrangements:

2. Planning to leave a vehicle at St Bees (and return to collect after you finish)?

Please make sure you make appropriate arrangements. There are two car parks at St Bees; one belongs to the Seacote Hotel the other is the municipal car park. The difference is not readily apparent and charges apply at both. If you are staying at the Seacote Hotel on the Friday night you may be able to make arrangements for long-term parking directly with them. The main car park is run by Copeland Borough Council; a 7-day permit is available and enquiries regarding this permit can be made by calling 01946 598300 or emailing

If you are coming in a camper van or mobile home, please note there is no overnight camping allowed in the car park. There is a caravan park on the foreshore that you might be able to book a place at.


3. Planning to arrive by public transport?

You can travel to St Bees by train – there is a railway station at St Bees with a regular service from Whitehaven (see timetables). It is a short walk from the station to the St Bees School. For SILVA Northern Traverse participants the nearest railway stations to Robin Hood’s Bay are at Whitby and Scarborough with good bus links. For SILVA Lakes Traverse participants there are regular links from Shap to Penrith station.


A note on accommodation ahead of the start

St Bees is a very small village with limited accommodation. Seacote Hotel has 70 rooms. Other accommodation is available in the village and whilst cheaper accommodation is available in Whitehaven, you need to factor in time and transport costs on the Saturday morning if you do not have a vehicle

The only place to eat at St Bees on the Friday evening is at the Seacote Hotel. There is a wide menu featuring traditional pub favourites and chef’s specials served in the two bars or in the restaurant.


What happens at registration?

Please note: before you arrive at registration you must have watched the online safety briefing (this will be provided in pre-race final information by email at the end of March).

You must register in person during the specified times (see above) and must bring with you one form of photo identification (this can be a photo-card driving licence, passport or any other official identification as long as it has your photo on).

At registration you will receive:

  • Race numbers and safety pins
  • GPS tracker – make sure you bring your race pack/vest so this can be attached
  • Drop bag (SILVA Northern Traverse only) and finish bag tags
  • The official race map
  • Your official race top (size chosen during entry if not opted to plant a tree instead)
  • A reminder to attend the mandatory race briefing!


Navigating the route

Please see the route page.

Out on the course, participants are politely reminded to:

  • close all gates
  • be quiet past houses in the dark
  • be respectful to other recreational users and residents (especially with regards to torches / headlights after dark)


Live GPS Tracking

All participants will carry a GPS tracker which is mainly for race control to keep a safe eye on our participants, however, anyone following the event can also ‘dot watch’ and follow each participant in real time as they journey east along the route.

We will share the tracking link at the end of March on this website, in the final information emails, and on our social media channels.




Support points

SILVA Lakes Traverse

There are two support points on the SILVA Lakes Traverse where you can get plenty to eat and drink:

  • Rosthwaite (at ~47km)
  • Patterdale (at ~71km)

There are no provisions for sleeping at these locations for SILVA Lakes Traverse participants (please do not attempt to sneak into the blue tents we erect at Patterdale as these are strictly for SILVA Northern Traverse participants only!)

SILVA Northern Traverse

There are six support points on the SILVA Northern Traverse where you can get plenty to eat and drink and, where specified, access showers, tents for sleeping, and your drop bag:

  • Rosthwaite (at ~47km)
    • (no drop bag and no tents)
  • Patterdale (at ~71km)
    • Drop bag + tents
  • Shap (at ~96km)
    • (no drop bag and no tents)
  • Kirkby Stephen (at 128km)
    • Drop bag + tents + showers
  • Richmond (at 183km)
    • Drop bag + tents + showers
  • Lion Inn (at 253km)
    • Drop bag + tents

Tents will be provided at Patterdale, Kirkby Stephen, Richmond and the Lion Inn for SILVA Northern Traverse runners only. Sleeping in any venue building is not allowed. Please ensure you pack a sleeping bag! (Tent rules: you must take your shoes off inside the tents provided. You might want to personalise your shoes so that you can find them when you wake up!)

It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that their drop bag is handed to the event team member responsible for transport to the next support point – bags left lying around might be left there!


Cut-offs & course closure times

We do have some generous cut-offs in place, based on roughly 4km/h, and allowing extra time for ascent:

SILVA Lakes Traverse

You must have left the support points by the following times:

  • Rosthwaite – Saturday 22:00
  • Patterdale – Sunday 05:00

You must have reached the finish in Shap by 14:00 on Sunday – this is the course closure time and anyone arriving after this time will finish ‘non-competitively’.

SILVA Northern Traverse

These times roughly assume stopping for no more than 5 hours every 24 hours.

You must have left the support points by the following times:

  • Rosthwaite – Sunday 01:00
  • Patterdale – Sunday 12:00
  • Shap – Sunday 19:30
  • Kirkby Stephen – Monday 07:30
  • Richmond – Tuesday 06:00
  • Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge – Wednesday 06:00

You must have reached the finish in Robin Hood’s Bay by 01:30 Thursday – this is the course closure time and anyone arriving after this time will finish ‘non-competitively’.




Drop bags, finish bags, and mandatory kit

Please refer to our dedicated kit page.



Participants retiring at support points will be transported when possible to (or at minimum given assistance to get to) the nearest local transportation hub (bus stop or train station) as soon as possible with respect to the ongoing logistics of the event.

Participants who retire at other locations along the route may face considerable difficulty and a very long walk to reach the nearest road or civilisation. Every effort will be made to collect retiring participants once they have reached a public road. However, this is not guaranteed and is dependent on the organiser’s available resources. Retiring participants may need to arrange a private taxi to collect them at their own expense. It may be possible to hitch-hike.

We will do our best to re-unite retired participants with their bags and loved ones, but the priority will always be the safety and logistics for participants still competitive in the race.

It is important to note that the event team will be progressing along the race route with the event, and so retiring backwards along the route is likely to result in a long wait for collection. Retiring forwards along the route generally brings you closer to both the next support point and assistance. We appreciate that circumstances may dictate your decisions though, and we will be monitoring all participants’ trackers at all times. It is a good idea to contact race control with your retirement plans (preferably to do with the race, not your Spanish villa aspirations) if possible.



If you are planning to sleep / bivvy along the route (i.e. not at a support point), then you need to send a message to race control on the number provided in advance. Note that on the SILVA Northern Traverse between Kirkby Stephen and Reeth there is very limited phone reception, so please register your intentions with the event team at Kirkby Stephen if you intend to stop out on the route between here and Reeth.

There will be information on the race map about what to do in an emergency – with a phone number to call, and what to do if you don’t get a response.

There are many road sections and road crossings along the route, but the A19 on the SILVA Northern Traverse is the most hazardous. Please take care and more importantly time when crossing the A19. Most of the time it’s quiet, but during rush hour times there is a lot of traffic on this road. Remove headphones and make sure you give it your full concentration.



The routes take in the high fells of the Lake District, and remote (yet high) paths and tracks in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors – for us to cancel or to change the route it would have to be as a result of significant weather that would put those who have prepared and are wearing the right clothing at significant risk.

Participants need to have the appropriate skills and kit for safe travel on foot through the fells in inclement conditions. You have plenty of time to hone your skills!
Please note, if very poor weather is forecast we may invoke an alternative route and in this event no refund will be given.


ITRA Points (under review for 2023)

ITRA currently list the 2022 races as follows:

This is still subject to course evaluation. We do not expect this to change based on any minor course tweaks we have made, however, there is never a complete guarantee these points will be issued (e.g. a serious weather event forcing a bad weather route may invoke a re-evaluation of the course).

The races are also both currently registered as UTMB qualifying races.

2023? This is under review and ITRA points may not feature in the 2023 event.


What happens after I finish?

SILVA Lakes Traverse

You will receive your medal and have immediate access to your finish bag and hot food.

SILVA Northern Traverse

You will receive your medal and a lot of praise. If the chippy is open, you might like to take advantage whilst at the bottom of the hill.

Your drop bag, finish bag, hot food, space to sleep, and general TLC awaits you in Fylingdales hall 1km back up the hill! Sorry, there are no showers at the hall.




Food & refreshments

You can expect hot food and plenty of it at each support point on the route. There will be no rationing of this food, however, we are not expecting anyone to walk out the door with a loaf of bread!

Any allergies/intolerances you tell us about in your entry will be noted, but we are otherwise unable to give special dispensation for participants with personal dietary preferences that fall outside our menu, with the exception of being able to provide gluten free options.

We will of course do everything reasonably practicable to accommodate the requirements of the participants within the boundaries of the menu being offered.

All food meets Ourea Events’ meat and fish free food policy.


Available at every support point

  • Drinks: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, plant alternative, squash
  • Sandwich filling options: cheese, vegan cheese, pickle, egg mayo, eggless mayo, hummus, green salad
  • Selection of breads (farmhouse white and brown), and wraps (includes gluten free options)
  • Scrambled egg, fried egg, or scrambled tofu
  • Crisps and nuts
  • Vegetarian sausage rolls
  • Vegan bites (t.b.c.)
  • Jam, peanut butter, marmite
  • Selection of cakes and flapjacks (includes gluten free options)
  • Porridge pots (e.g. Quaker sachets requiring hot water – includes gluten free options)
  • Rice pudding
  • Fresh fruit selection
  • Fruit salad



Soup: Lakeland vegetable soup (gluten free option available), with grated cheese/vegan cheese and herby croutons.



Soup: Lakeland vegetable soup (gluten free option available), with grated cheese/vegan cheese and herby croutons.

Hot meal: pasta carbonara served with freshly cooked chips, grated cheese/vegan cheese/green beans and side salad.



Soup: minestrone (gluten free option available), with grated cheese/vegan cheese and crusty roll.

Hot meal: chilli with rice and/or flat bread with grated cheese/vegan cheese/peas and side salad.


Kirkby Stephen

Soup: creamy tomato, with grated cheese/vegan chees, bread or crusty roll.

Hot meal: veg stew and chips with grated cheese/vegan cheese/beans and side salad.



Soup: vegetable soup (gluten free option available) with grated cheese/vegan cheese and herby croutons.

Hot meal: vegetable tikka, naan and chips with grated cheese/vegan cheese/peas and side salad.


Lion Inn

Soup: leek and potato, with grated cheese/vegan cheese and sliced brown or white farmhouse bread.

Hot meal: pasta bolognese and baked potato with grated cheese/vegan cheese/beans and side salad.


Fylingdales village hall

Soup: minestrone (gluten free option available), with grated cheese/vegan cheese and herby croutons.

Hot meal: vegetable chilli (very mild) and rice or pizza slices (various toppings) and side salad.



Additional food options

As well as the food provided by us at support points (i.e. included in your entry), we would like to highlight a number of venues along the race route who will be able to provide you with additional food options from their regular menu. Of course, these are subject to the venues’ normal opening times:


  • Various pubs, cafes and shops, Kirkby Stephen (127km)
  • Dales Bike Centre Cafe & Cakery, Fremington (163km) – FREE hot drink
  • Various pubs, cafes and shops, Richmond (182km)
  • Lordstones Cafe, Lordstones Country Park (228km) – FREE hot drink
  • Horseshoe Hotel, Egton Bridge (265km) – FREE hot drink
  • Various pubs, cafes and shops, Grosmont (269km)




Event rules

DetailsWe are keen to keep these simple. If you have any questions about these rules please query them before the event rather than after you have broken them.

It is the participant’s responsibility to understand and follow these rules:

Universal rules

  • Participants must follow the >> universal event rules << applicable to all events organised by Ourea Events.


General rules

  • Retirals: if you retire, you must inform race control (the number is on the race map).
  • Finish bag: this must weigh no more than 5kg.
  • Race numbers: participants must display one race number (supplied at registration) on their front at all times and a second race number (supplied at registration) must be attached to their rucksack. Race numbers can be obscured by waterproof clothing only. Race numbers must not be folded to obscure any logos or information.
  • Route safety: the route, within a corridor of 200m, is mandatory, but we understand that sometimes the safest course of action might be to deviate slightly from the prescribed route, such as at a river crossing. Please prioritise safety and then return to the route as soon as safely possible.
  • Sleeping: Strictly no sleeping inside any of the venue buildings, only in tents provided unless otherwise instructed.
  • Headphones: Participants must NOT wear headphones or listen to music on any road sections/crossings along the route.
  • SOS button: the SOS button on participants’ GPS trackers is for true emergencies only (e.g. a life or limb threatening incident) – if it is pressed in order to alert us to a participant’s condition, then it will be assumed that the participant in question will not be able to continue with the event.
  • Race briefing: the briefing given before the start is compulsory – a register will be taken and any participant not in attendance will not be allowed to start.
  • Healthcare professionals: the event medics must maintain oversight of the health and wellbeing of everyone on the event and keep accurate records of all medical treatments. Therefore, unless it is an emergency situation, any healthcare professional alien to the event’s medical team that provides prescription-only medication (or any other significant medical intervention) to another participant will be disqualified from the event. The participant receiving the medication is also likely to be penalised for having accessed a service which is not available to all participants equally.


Drop bag rules (applicable to SILVA Northern Traverse only)

  • Size and weight: participants may only use a drop bag with maximum 80 litre capacity and weighing maximum 15kg for their equipment to be transported between the overnight camps. Oversized / overweight bags will not be accepted at registration.
  • Identification: ID stickers/tags, provided at registration, must be attached to participants’ drop bags for the duration of the event. Any other stickers that may cause confusion must be removed.
  • Handling: participants must never move or collect other participants’ drop bags as this is an important visual safety check that everyone is accounted for at the end of each day.
  • Contents: no glass bottles or breakables are permitted in drop bags.


Blue tent rules (applicable to SILVA Northern Traverse only)

  • Under no circumstances may any naked flames or heat sources of any kind be present in the tents – cooking is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants must remove footwear before entering a tent.
  • Wet and muddy clothing must remain in the central communal area and must not go into the ‘dry’ sleeping bays.
  • To prevent the tents filling with midges or water (from unexpected rainfall), tent doors and nets must be kept closed when not being accessed.


External assistance rules

  • Participants may take advantage of certain facilities that are available to all participants – this means that you may make purchases from shops, hotels, pubs, bars, cafés (where they might occur on the route, and are open). The exception is that you may not purchase or negotiate for showers / cleaning / laundry at any facility.
  • Participants may not access any services that are not commercially available to all i.e. you cannot take any support from supporters, public, and stores by friendship, arrangement, bartering or coercion!
  • Participants may not leave (or arrange to have left for them) equipment or food along the route.
  • Participants are not allowed support runners. Any person attempting this will cause their officially entered associate(s) to be disqualified immediately and all the runners involved may receive life bans from Ourea Events Ltd. events. The exception to this is the section from the last checkpoint at Hawsker to the Finish.



We encourage participants’ supporters, as long as they and the participants follow all of the event rules – i.e. they may not run with the participant, carry any equipment for them, or give them any food, drink, kit or other supplies. See above.

Supporters may not enter support point areas and we strongly request no supporters to try and park near the same. 


Facebook group

Participants are encouraged to join the conversation in the Facebook group, which is a good place for organising lift shares, picking the brains of previous participants, getting kit advice, and more.