Mandatory Kit

Note that this is the kit list regardless of the weather – even if there is bright blue sky and not a cloud to be seen. With the length of this event and the fickle nature of weather across England, all this kit needs to be carried and most probably more!

  • Waterproof jacket – not a bin bag or fashion jacket. It needs to have a waterproof membrane and taped seams.
  • Waterproof trousers – as above
  • Insulated layer – fleece / lightweight duvet jacket
  • Long sleeve top
  • Hat (can be a buff although if you think you may have trouble in turning it in to a hat at 3 in the morning take a hat)
  • Gloves
  • Map (does not have to be map supplied but must have event route marked and a scale no greater than 1:50k)
  • MUG – a device that can take at least 200ml of hot water and not fall apart or damage the user. And can be used for hygenically drinking from (so you cannot use your shoe!)
  • Compass
  • Torch and spare batteries (or spare torch)
  • Survival bag (can be a bivy bag or one of the small adventure medical kits bags) – needs to be designed for the job and not altered (added May 9th)
  • Mobile phone
    • This phone should not be used for mapping, distance recording or tracking (its GPS capabilities should not be used)
    • Bluetooth / wifi etc should all be switched off
    • We recommend a simple unlocked phone and a MANX sim card, these work on all 4 UK networks and the credit does not expire
    • If not a MANX Sim then the phone should either use Vodafone or EE. Not O2 or Three.
  • Whistle (often found on rucksacs)
  • Small First Aid kit (Minimum of crepe bandage, triangular bandage, wound dressing, 2 safety pins and 6 adhesive dressings)

Dropbags (Northern Traverse only)

No drop bags on Lakes Traverse. There will be 4 locations during the Northern Traverse where you will see your drop bags. These bags should be a waterproof duffle bag and weigh no more than 15kg. No liquids should be stored in your bags except factory sealed bottles (your bags will be loaded on top of each other). If you decide not to carry a sleeping bag with you, there should be one in your dropbag.

– Drop bag A will go to Patterdale and Richmond
– Drop bag B will go to Kirby Stephen and the Lion Inn

At these key checkpoints we will provide a tent for those who wish to sleep. Note tents at Patterdale not for Lakes Traverse participants.

Strictly no sleeping inside any of the venues we use for these checkpoints. If you wish to sleep at the checkpoint you must use a tent provided.

Finish Bags

Finish bags for both Lake Traverse and Northern Traverse runners can be dropped off at the start at St Bees and will be taken to Shap or to Robin Hoods Bay. You will be given bag tags at registration to go on these bags. You must make sure your bags are dropped at the designated location for your event outside the Seacote Hotel on Saturday morning.


KitWe are keen to keep these simple. If you have any questions about these rules please query them before the event rather than after you have broken them.

  • The Route is defined on the maps issued. You must follow this route, if you deviate from this route more than 200m, you must return to where you left it.
    • Where a person does not return to the route and a time advantage is gained – a penalty will be issued of 3x the time saved.
    • 3 penalities = non-competitive
    • Where the time advantage is greater than 1hr the person will be ranked non-competitive.
  • If you push the SOS button on the tracker you will be deemed to have retired from the event and need emergency assistance. The exception is unless it to aid a fellow competitor.
  • This is an unsupported event.
    • No pacers are allowed. The exception being the last section from Hawsker along the coast.
    • Supporters who visit feedstations must register with the feedstation manager / they must not assist the runner in any way or provide any extra items. To do so will result in the runner being non-competitive. Please advise friends if they are thinking of meeting you – they could be putting your event in jeopody.
    • The passing of personal kit or food by anyone other than another event particpant or event staff will result in being ranked non-competitive. The exception is where it is purchased from a shop and this is availble to members of the public.
    • With the advent of tracking, its more than possible that friends / family will want to meet you on the route. We don’t encourage this but clearly we can’t stop it. You should make sure that they don’t pass anything to you, or give you refuge, or travel with you more than a 1km. Clearly this could be abused and we would not expect that the same person sees you more than twice on the course during the event outside of a feed stations. Its difficult for us to police this – but for you its important that you don’t do something you wouldn’t expect another participant to do, and it be unfortunate for me to hear a story from another participant that this rule is being abused – or for multiple photos to appear on facebook.
  • Close gates even if someone is behind you or they were open when you arrived.
  • If you retire, you must report to event control.
  • No dogs allowed (also no dogs with visitors in feed stations).
  • The minimum age for this event is 18.
  • Bibs must be worn over the top of all clothing with exception when in feedstations or when changing*(see below)
  • No other sponsor logos should be applied to the bibs

Apocolyptic weather and bibs – this subject causes much debate between racers and organisers. Many racers would quite happily not wear bibs – for us it gives the event an identity and enables us to communicate the event to the public. Over the years there have been a few events where the weather has been truly awful, with tight non-breathable bibs over waterproof jackets the jacket can cease to be waterproof. We are talking proper rain which lasts many hours not the odd shower. In these EXCEPTIONAL circumstances we recognise that wearing a bib can hasten the onset of hypothermia and as such happy for the participant to use their judgement and to remove bibs.

To be clear in these scenarios

– Racers must put bibs back on when within 5km of a transition
– We will never allow any pictures to be published or allow any footage of any racer not wearing a bib (except when in transitions) to be used
– If the weather is OK but your bib is wet you must still wear the bib

Not wearing a bib unless the weather is really minging WILL invoke a penalty!