Participant Declaration

Each participant must agree to the following participant declaration when completing the entry form:

I am an experienced off-road runner and believe that I have reasonable chance of completing the Northern Traverse / Lakes Traverse as it is described on this website, and declare that:

  • I am capable of being self-sufficient and making safe decisions in remote mountainous terrain;

  • I have sufficient off-road running, mountain and ultra experience to understand the nature of the challenge;

  • I will apply sound mountain judgement at all times even if it means compromising my overall race result;

  • I accept full responsibility for my own safety and any injury sustained during the event. These are not the responsibility of the event organiser, their agents or the landowners;

  • I know my limitations and I am experienced enough to make a reasoned decision whether or not to start the event and/or to retire from the event rather than jeopardise my own or other people’s safety.